Volunteer Spotlight: Rose Freiseis

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RSVP Volunteers of Paducah are making a difference all over the community! Our latest volunteer spotlight shows just how inspiring helping others can be.

Rose Freiseis began volunteering five years ago.  “I regret not starting earlier,” She says wistfully. Originally from Wisconsin, Rose has lived in Paducah for over 40 years.  With most of her family residing in Chicago and Wisconsin, she spends her spare time volunteering for St. Vincent De Paul.  St. Vincent de Paul is a non-profit thrift store, which operates a budget store, food pantry, and help-line. Donations of good quality clothing and household items are accepted, which are sold at reduced prices. Proceeds from sales are used to help the needy in the area.

One of the more popular areas in the store is the book section, where Rose meticulously keeps the books in order. “Books are my big interest,” she says. “I enjoy learning about books and meeting new people.” What makes the volunteering experience in the book section of St. Paul unique she says, is when customers donate a book, they usually tell her something about the book. Whether it’s about the content or why they chose to read it, she usually learns something interesting about the person or book they have donated.

She also says pushing a cart full of books from the storage area to the book section is her form of exercise that she wouldn’t get otherwise.

“My biggest pleasure in volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul is knowing I am helping other…others who need food, clothing, housing, medical, utilities, etc. which St. Vincent De Paul provides.” “Also one can set one’s day/time to volunteer. It is very convenient for me to volunteer before lunch at the Senior Center or directly after lunch.”

If she could encourage someone else to volunteer, she would tell them, “Anytime is a good time to start, but don’t wait too long.”

Thank you Rose for all you do!

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