If you are interested in volunteering with the RSVP of Paducah/McCracken County but still have some questions, please check out our “Frequently Asked Questions” listed below. Hopefully, it will answer all your questions and possible concerns.
If you have any other questions, we are located on the second floor of the Senior Citizen Center. We love to hear from our volunteers, whether it is to update us on their volunteerism or to stop by just to visit. Or contact us through our contact form.
What is the RSVP?

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) federally funded by the Corporation for National and Community Service and locally sponsored by the Paducah, McCracken County Senior Citizens, Inc, along with the United Way of McCracken County. This program links adults age 55 and over to meaningful volunteer opportunities in the community for non-for-profit agencies.

Who can be an RSVP Volunteer?

Any person age 55 years or older, who wants to share the benefits of a lifetime of living is eligible. There are no restrictions based upon formal education, income, or experience. Anyone who wants to feel useful, needed, and appreciated will profit from becoming a part of the RSVP network.

Do RSVP Volunteers only serve the nonprofit community?

The “Retired and Senior Volunteer Program” is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to serve its volunteers, county, and community. We offer our services to nonprofit organizations to fulfill our mission and our funding requirements.

What is a volunteer station?

A volunteer station is the site you will be volunteering at. Each site is a non-profit organization that has signed a working agreement with the RSVP.

What are the advantages of volunteering through RSVP rather than directly in my community?
By volunteering through RSVP you not only contribute directly to your organization, but also contribute to making your entire community a better place to live. By volunteering through RSVP you become part of the Senior Corp, one of three programs directed by the Commission and National and Community Service, a larger community of volunteers that has responded to the national mandate of volunteerism.
We support special volunteer programs and provide listings of various job opportunities in the community. You will also help in promoting the largest and oldest volunteer organization in America. We contact the organization(s) of your choosing, and we help you find a placement where you will have the ability to put your knowledge, skills, and abilities to use for the community. We also provide supplemental insurance at no cost to you, while you are in transit or at your volunteer site. You will also receive newsletters from the Paducah/McCracken County RSVP office filled with volunteer news, spotlights on local agencies needing your service, along with updates on your fellow volunteers.
Additionally we plan social events such as the annual Volunteer recognition dinner, volunteer enrichment breakfast, and invitations to other social events such as the annual Legends fundraiser for the RSVP. By reporting your hours to RSVP you support our mission of promoting volunteerism throughout the local community, the county and the state. You can find pictures of these events on-line in our photo album.
Why is it so important to report my hours?
We use your hours to report to federal, state and local governments and for grants and other funding sources.
By tracking the volunteer hours completed by RSVP volunteers, we know where the community needs are through your logged time. These hours are then calculated to the dollar equivalent, showing the community impact in dollar amounts.
Please also note that your logged volunteer hours are documentation that you are eligible for the free supplemental accidental insurance and must be provided in the event of an accident in transit, or while at the volunteer site.
Will I be required to drive at night?

Most of our volunteer opportunities are during regular 9-5 weekdays. We try to match you with special training and special event times according to your needs.

Can my friends volunteer with me?

We welcome all word-of-mouth referrals! Just have them call our office (270-442-8993) and we will set up a time to meet with them to discuss their interests and match their skills with a need in the community.

What else can the RSVP offer me?

Some of the volunteer opportunities become social events. Our volunteers participate in ballroom dancing, Boot scooters, and a crotchet circle. You can also request to be placed with a friend. Also, we have a volunteer appreciation event once a year where all volunteers will come together and will are recognized for their invaluable service to the community. Please inform us if you wish to request no recognition.

How can the RSVP help me volunteer while working around my schedule?

We have many kinds of volunteer opportunities to choose from, depending on your needs. You decide how often and how long you volunteer, whether it is an hour a month up to sixty hours per week.

What do I do if I don't like my volunteer placement?

Just call our office and let us know. We will work with you to either fix the problem or change your volunteer station to one you like better. Volunteering is an excellent way to try new experiences, so don’t ever hesitate to let us know when a change is needed.

Can I volunteer at more than one place?

ABSOLUTELY! We have many volunteers who volunteer multiple hours to multiple volunteer sites.

Will I be getting called to do things all the time?

You tell us how often you wish to volunteer, how many hours you want to devote to volunteering and the type of volunteer job(s) which interest you. We have matched RSVP members with volunteer opportunities that are a one-time commitment all the way up to volunteer jobs with set hours.

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