1400 HC Mathis Drive, Paducah, KY
1400-1498 H C Mathis Drive Paducah Kentucky 42001 US

Most senior adults wish to remain in their homes, but they tend to have older houses that need security inspections, repairs, maintenance and/or accessibility modifications. E-Homes can help by providing supervision, materials and labor, enabling senior adults to remain in their homes longer. Can you help to make the program more successful? Yes, you can ...

  • If you would like to help improve the quality of life for a Senior Adult.
  • If you would like to help your community by sharing your time and talents.
  • If you can donate new supplies such as nails, lumber, tools, smoke detectors, etc.
  • If you can make a cash donation.

E-HOMES is always looking for an individual or groups of any age wanting to make a difference in a Senior Citizen’s life. There are opportunities for volunteers who have a handyman background, or those with no previous experience wanting to help out.

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